Reward loyal customers and recruit new ones, using your own custom made mobile app. It's completely FREE to start!

Build Powerful Relationshps

Inertia lets you create your very own custom-branded, word-of-mouth-marketing app.

Most customer loyalty programs spend so much time (and money!) trading discounts for loyalty that they forget one crucial thing: loyalty is earned, not bought.

Your “regulars” are proof of this!

How are you going to leverage the loyalty you've built to find NEW regulars?

Building Your App

100% Customized Branding

Unlike most loyalty programs and deal sites that simply don't work, your app is truly and wholly yours. Your logo. Your branding. Your presence. This means that you’ll never share space with a competitor’s logo.

Getting started takes less than 5 minutes and is easy enough for anyone to use.

No More Dead End Loyalty Programs

Look, we get it. The #1 complaint we hear from business owners is that they’ve tried to offer a loyalty program. They’ve purchased spots on deal sites. They even run in-house referral programs.

But where's the payout? You're either dishing out free stuff to people who would likely buy anyway, or you're competing with other businesses to see who can give away more free stuff. Not good! Inertia's sole purpose is to give you a cost-effective way to replicate your best customers for less.

Built-In Referral Engine

Your regulars already love you.

And research shows that these customers actually WANT to bring you new customers! It's just that they'll only do it if you're able to keep your brand top-of-mind. Your new Inertia app capitalizes on experience to make sure that while they're enjoying your business, they immediately think to tell their friends all about it.

Inertia Helps Your Business by...

Generating More Customers

Purchase, Reward, Share, Repeat!

Keeping Your Brand Top of Mind

Your killer product and service, partnered with Inertia's simple-to-take-action system will get you more frequent customer visits, a stronger attachment to your brand, and brand spankin' new customers. When you stay top-of-mind, you win more customers and you make more money!