Reward loyal customers and recruit new ones, using your own custom made mobile app. It's completely FREE to start!

Build Powerful Relationshps

Inertia lets you create your very own custom-branded, word-of-mouth-marketing inspired app.

Most customer loyalty programs spend so much time (and money!) trading discounts for loyalty that they forget one crucial thing: loyalty is earned, not bought.

Your “regulars” are proof of this!

It's time to leverage the loyalty you've built through the trust you've earned.

Building Your App

100% Customized Branding

Upload your logo, choose a layout, font, and color scheme, then share some info about your business on the Inertia App Builder. When you’re all decked out, go live and explore your very own intuitive, mobile-optimized rewards center. Every app is truly white labeled, meaning you’ll never share space with competitors' logos (unlike typical loyalty programs and review and deal sites).

Getting started is so easy that even our least tech-savvy users have built their own app in as little as 3 minutes.

No More Dead End Loyalty Programs

We get it. No, really - the #1 complaint we hear straight from business owners is that they buy into loyalty apps and spots on deal sites, but there’s no payout. You either dish out free stuff to people who’d buy it anyway, or you’re stuck in a battle, literally wedged between other competitors, for who can offer the highest percent discount.

Inertia’s sole purpose is to deliver a loyalty program that works for and rewards you. Stand out against the tide of competitors and maximize your ROI by generating new business from existing customers, all with one app.

Built-In Referral Engine

So you know that you've got customers who love you. The regulars. The ones who keep coming back because they NEED you and your services. Truth is, they're probably not the ones who need loyalty incentives... but their friends? You know, the ones with the same likes and interests that will love your brand? They might need an introduction, and what would work better than a free incentive that’s gifted from a trusted pal?

Your Inertia app acts as a magnetic referral engine, encouraging your customers to share the love and their friends to jump in with only a few taps on their smartphone. It’s the perfect balance between business generation and customer retention.

Validation & Verification

Worried about freeloaders? When it comes time to cash in rewards, you have total control. Just ask your customer to show you their device, punch in your unique Inertia storefront code, and Voila! The reward goes to your very happy - and very worthy - customer every time.

Inertia Helps Your Business by...

Generating More Customers

Purchase, Reward, Share, Repeat! Like any rewards program, you develop strong brand loyalty faster than ever with Inertia.

Leading the Right Customers to You

Loyal customers are most likely to share rewards with their closest friends - people with the exact likes and interests that you know you can satisfy.

Keeping Your Brand Top of Mind

With your branded Inertia app, your logo will always be in sight on your customer’s mobile screen. It’s like giving your customer a little, dependable friend!